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Comunnity Centre Solin

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Comunnity Centre Solin

The space of the tender field is surrounded by distorted urbanism with traces of attempts at urban moves, creating an inconsistent spatial collage without clear aspirations for spatial expansion and communication lines. Consistency and awareness of the environment is reflected in the magnetic attraction of the Jadro River. All the more lenient orientation of public and private space near the river confirms its importance for the narrower and wider environment.

The direction of the Jadro River stretches from the northeast to the southwest and marks the only linear continuity in the narrower area. Occasional bridges over the river are just part of an organism lacking a more concrete definition of an urban matrix.

Analysis of the wider area of ​​the city of Solin indicates the scattered and concentrated representation of public gatherings in the area.

The river Jadro passes in the immediate vicinity of the southern part of the land, separated from the existing post office building, ie by road. The conceptual design of the river Jadro becomes part of the future building of a cultural center with its own square and park. By the linear organization of the area, the water stream is physically stalled, but it is revitalized in the space of a new urban center.

  • Authors:

    Luka Zaninovic, mag. ing. arch. Mia Pejic, ing.arch.

  • Location:

    Solin, Croatia

  • Year: