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Šibenik old city revitalization

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Šibenik old city revitalization

The spatial position of the Old Bazaar location in the view from the bird's eye view is in
the center of town. It is characteristic of being located in the area of ​​the medieval ruined city rampart (the end of the city), which once existed and represents the boundary between two buildings:

-stare nuclei (mostly built during the Venetian rule)

-the newest eastern part of the city Varoš (the beginning of expansion in this area was noted during industrialization in the 19th century)

In the existing bakery complex, the largest building volume is located in the north-east, south-west direction.

The public contents that Sibenik had throughout history should be re-located on the old core premises. Revitalization is a process that needs to identify strategic goals and measures and gradually, step by step, access the return of public functions.

In the first stage of recovery, the content of the retail market at the Old Bazaar could begin the recovery of the old part of the city and its devastated streets.

What is the culture of living in a historic urban cultural heritage? Why do we ignore the cultural heritage? What are the possibilities of her coexistence with modern human needs? Why do we only aspire to megalomanian urban projects, disregarding the existing available resources? Is it possible to affirm the existing neglected urban entities? Destruction of real estate is the seizure and relocation of functions. Is it all just a "pile of stones"? The backdrop of history is the loss of identity! Is it?

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    Luka Zaninović,

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