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House Zen

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House Zen

FAMILY HOUSE materialized with group of volumes is located on the outer side of the edge of the perimeter of old city walls. It was built on a specific building block with an exit to the street and a cramped part of the unobtrusive views of the street, several different ambiences and relationships with the surrounding area. It is organized in three volumes, creating introverted and intimate courtyards at the same time, and open planks according to the Sibenik bay and beach visas, while elevating the quality of life to a higher level.

MEDITERRANEAN - spatial organization, using materials characteristic of the Dalmatian landscape and creating modern ways of using common spaces, was to create a new Mediterranean identity in a dense urban space.

ZEN - Accompanying scenarios in the use of yard space raise awareness and equalize the importance of indoor and outdoor space. Careful design and selection of material, regardless of dense construction and dialogue with neighboring objects, entering this family circuit feels the severity of the outside world, finds intimacy and establishes mental balance.

  • Author:

    Jagoda Zaninović, dipl. inž. arh.

  • Type of object:

    Family home

  • Location:


  • Year:

    2005. - 2015.